Tuesday, May 8, 2012


This time of year I always find myself looking through our pictures trying to find that perfect one.  I realized last night I am looking for one that doesn't exist.  There will never be a picture of my mom, me and all three of my babies smiling at the camera. There are many, many great pictures of my life over the last 5 years.  Adventures, babies, moves, heart ache, family, growth, gardens but I don't think I will ever stop wishing that my mom were a part of them.

Ladies, give your moms an extra hug this week, let them spoil their grand babies with the things you don't think your kids should have.   Grandmas, love those grand babies you are blessed with and take your daughters, who drive you nuts with all their crazy rules, out for a lunch.  

Take a picture and put it in your bedside drawer.

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Holly from 300 Pounds Down said...

I relate to this. I have been missing my mom a lot b/c of Mother's day coming up. That picture is beautiful