Friday, April 27, 2012

Ferdinand Update

Ferdinand is 5, almost 6, months old!  I just can't believe how fast it has all gone.  This guy seriously wants to keep up with his brother.  He added a new tooth (top) on Monday (why do my boys add teeth when we travel?), can sit on his own for long stretches, loves to stand in peoples laps, made his first visit to TX, has been on an off road adventure, is mostly sleeping for 8-10 hours at a time, gained three pounds between his last two monthly doctor appointments (he was 16.8 lbs and 26 inches at the beginning of April) and has started eating solids.  

Boy does he love food! He is already eating whole fruits when he grabs them out of my hand or his brothers (peaches during mass are his favorite), meats (salmon is his favorite) and more.  Honestly he hasn't turned up his nose at a single thing, his first foods were butternut squash and mangoes and the list is now too long to recreate.  

Orson still makes him laugh, as does dancing with me and tickles from his Daddy.  He is in love with his Tia Sofie, any pretty girl that walks in the room and today he couldn't take his eyes off the month old little girl sitting next to us in a meeting.  He is so social and smiley.  He really brings such joy and peace into the family. 

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