Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Moving and saying good bye

So I have been trying to formulate this post for a while, we are so crazy busy trying to get everything in place that life just seems to be spiraling out of control.  Last week we spent in North Va trying to avoid natural disasters and find a place to live.  This week I wrapped up my photography class and Orson and I are home packing.  Next week we go to TX for the wedding, a labor day party and family time (Matt joins us for the actual wedding weekend) and then we move (My departure date from TX is still undecided!).  That means this week is also about saying goodbye to all of our friends and realizing how much it hurts that I won't see their new babies when they are born, I will have to explain to Orson why his friends aren't coming over to play and that I will yet again be giving birth somewhere without a support system around to help us.  I know, I know, cry me a river :) 

The house hunt seemed to go well but we still haven't heard if we got the place that we applied for, so Matt is now looking when he gets off work everyday for anything he can find.  This leads to lots of late nights on Skype passing house pictures back and forward only to find out that it was leased the day before.  The house here is showing well but no one is actually making any offers, which leads to questions on the rental side about how we are going to pay for both....Lets just say that we miss the simplicity of renting in Baton Rouge, where they sit down, talk to you and plain decide if you are a good person or not.  I also met with midwives and realized that we won't be able to front the money that they are asking to do a home birth....this means I am now trying to figure out a birthing center or anything that is not a hospital.  I am a little terrified at the thought of repeating Orson's birth but I'm sure it will all work out (babies come out one way or the other, right?).  During all of this we did take some time off from the hunt (and to celebrate Matt's birthday) to visit a few museums, Orson and Matt's favorite was the Udar Hazy Smithsonian.  Below are a few pictures:

This week Orson and I have already been to a splash park with Lucy and walking with Maddox, we plan on visiting Wacky Tacky tomorrow and after our midwife appointment Thursday I'm sure we will be getting together with other friends.  It is so hard to say good bye.  Orson is also struggling with why his Daddy isn't here and wakes up from every nap and sleep looking for him (normally followed by an uncontrollable cry when he can't be found).  The only thing that seems to help is the promise of an airplane ride to TX to see Grandpa, Uncle Nate, Aunt Anne, Aunt Allison, Aunt Lynda and Snuggles :)  I have also been trying to say goodbye to my garden, which is hard, since the sunflowers I planted are finally blooming and the birds have really taken to our fountain as their daily bathing spot (I still haven't been able to get a photo of the hummingbirds taking baths).  Plus, if we don't get the house we want, I will be also saying goodbye to our piano and some other items that just won't fit in the smaller in town options we have been looking at, which is hard to.  Like all things, I know that God will work it all out, already Matt is loving his work again, so the main goal is accomplished.  Orson and I will figure out our new places in the world and life will keep on.  Its just hard when you are in the trenches.  Anyway here are some pictures from this week:

Monday: Splash Park with Lucy

Wednesday: Wacky tacky and Fountains with Lucy, Maddox, Ava and Angelina

 Sunflowers in the garden

Oh and some shots of the handsome and wonderful birthday boy who is such a good sport and let me take his picture for my class.

We found out we got the house!  Yippy, one thing off the list, now I just have to motivate to get some packing done :)

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