Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Last night was my last Chateafee(st) or Chatting, Tea, Coffee (and dessert) with the moms.  We tried a new place downtown and as usual had a great time.  It will be so hard not to have this break from toddler, husband, life during the week once we move.  These ladies have been my life line, my support, my constant companions through the difficult and amazing first two years of becoming a mom of first an infant and then a toddler. We talk about pooping, peeing, birthing, sleeping, eating, husbands, hitting, biting and even sometimes everything else in life, constantly and loudly (probably to the embarrassment of those around us). I will be so sad to miss the births of round number two (by weeks in some cases) and even sadder that they won't be near for the birth of our second.  The man at the restaurant told us to come back when the babies are all one, I think I should start planning that trip :) 

Anyway we had a blast last night, the pictures mostly speak for themselves.

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