Saturday, April 2, 2011

Welcome Spring

 Spring has officially sprung here (it tried earlier but then we had two weeks of cold and rain), with temps in the low 80s the past few days.  Given all the rain and then the sudden sun, everyone is outside and my garden has something new in it everyday it seems. 

We've really enjoyed being outside, it started Wednesday with our playgroup spending most of the day in the backyard (moms all sitting out in the sun, babies using the slide and swing as much as they could). And then Thursday we got to keep Lucy until 7 pm when her mom got off work instead of her dad picking her up at 5.  Matt got home early and Lucy got to help Orson walk the dogs...she loved it, though her little legs gave out much soon then long legs Ewalt :)

 Orson tried to help her keep up by taking her cute together!

We have also been enjoying all the fresh fruit at the stores and is easy to tell that I ate grapes by the pound when pregnant with Orson, he still loves them!

And then today, after spending time in the garden, Matt cooked our official 1st grill out of the year.  We had bangers and mash (with gluten free chicken sausage from Costco) and grapes (yes again).

 I love this above potted display in the front walk, I planted the bulbs 3 years ago in the pots and the yellow flowers are random seeds that found their way in.  I also love the flowers right at the front door, makes me happy to open the door for friends :)

Yummy dinner! Thanks for cooking Babe.

 Flower for the table, I just love the smell of lilacs, especially from the yard.
Hope everyone else is getting to enjoy some spring.

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~Kelley said...

we have the same table!! that is hilarous!