Monday, November 1, 2010


 Happy Halloween!  We had the best fun at the Gordon's house last night parting, eating and trick or treating.  This year I gave into social pressures (aka my husband) and school work and let Matt buy Orson a super cool costume.  He was the neatest Astronaut on the block!  He loved his costume and I foresee him wearing it many more times before he outgrows it.

 He is really into planes at the moment, thanks in part to the I'm a little Airplane now Sesame Street song that Jamie taught him....he loved Lucy's airplane swing, it is only attached with one rope, so it not only swings but also turns and spins through the air.  Good practice for space flight training :)

There were so many awesome costumes, with more then 15 toddlers present, the mix of hand made and store bought costumes was something to see.

Olivia came as Eeyore.

Sophia came as the Man in the Yellow hat and her new sister came as the monkey she poached :) Sarah handmade there costumes!

Maddox and Gus came as Thing 1&2, I couldn't get them to hold still long enough for a picture together. I wonder if their hair will still be blue when I see them Wednesday?

Penny and Griffin came as Sesame Street characters Elmo and Abby.

Madeline came as a cute pink bunny...she wasn't entirely sure of the whole dress-up thing :)

Eva came as Buzz Light Year and her new sister came as the littlest pumpkin.

 and Lucy came as the cutest white duck, made by Gina (or geese as Orson calls her) ever.

Watching all these crazy interact and have fun was amazing!

 Here are our efforts at a group shot and then a little movie that captures trying to get that shot.

  Then, it was time to Trick or Treat! We thoughts the kids would only make it a couple of houses but they walked more then two blocks and loved every second of it.  You can tell they are use to safe, supportive adults though...they tried to get into every house that opened its doors!  Orson could say Trick or Treat (Well trickytree) by the end and he even got over asking house for a train.

I told Lucy to grab her candy bag...she went for the tote and dragged it out the door!  Gina had a slightly different bag for her to use :)

 I didn't get to make his costume but I did make his cool candy bag :)

Job well done!

Time to take a rest...and boy did O sleep well.

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