Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Passing Thoughts

For the very first time, this week, my brain connected the dots and I figured out that what I did during Katrina actually did help a lot of people.....I guess before, I always thought about all the people I couldn't help, all the people I couldn't make understand how much their aid was needed, all the people that I worked for that didn't even know that there was an emergency, and I let myself believe that what I was doing wasn't the "real" work but just stupid organizing.  I thought, that because I wasn't getting my hands dirty everyday removing mold, tarping roofs, cleaning debris, that I wasn't doing the import stuff.  On Tuesday, I finally saw that what I did made it possible for that kind of work to be done in multiple, cities, counties, parishes and states and that even though I couldn't help everybody, that I did help a whole lot of people.

I hope everyone gets a moment like that in their lives, even if it is many years after the fact.


Jessica said...

Thanks for doing what many of us couldn't.


~Kelley said...

It is really hard to realize that when you aren't out in the field, when you aren't doing the work, when you aren't actually putting your eyes and hands on people who need you, that the work couldn't be done without you.

The work couldn't have been done with out you.

All of those people who were the actual "hands on people" wouldn't have been able to do that without you. You were in their hands as they held hammers, you were in their arms as they caught tears, you were part of their thoughts as they brainstormed better ways to get rid of mold and debris every day.

You are one of the people who helped the most, you were one of the people with the farthest reaching effects, because you coordinated the people on the ground.

It's about time you finally felt a little bit of that. Good work, dear freind!