Sunday, June 20, 2010

Things to remember

Orson has changed so much in the last month...its just hard to keep up! His hair is growing in, he is working on his incisors, he can open the back door, he is using words and signing up a storm...the list just goes on and on. So for me here are some stats, a list of words and some ramblings, I will try to post some pictures soon!

Stats - Orson measures in at 34.5 inches and 24.5 pounds, his feet are 7.5 and he is in size 4 diapers (when he isn't wearing his cloth ones, that is).

Words - in the order that he learned them (or close) Mama (used for every person he sees) CAR!!! light (for both fan and lights pronounces ight, except when I try to show him how to make the L sound, then he wiggles his tongue all around and then says ight), rock (pronounced rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrock), milk (ilk), please (peas), shoes, hat and hot (both missing the H but normally proceeded by some sort of blowing sound)....and so many more.

Signs - please, thank you, milk, "o's", baby, "Baby Signing Time" (yes he can ask for it by name), shoe, cracker, bye bye, hat, and he has made up his own for dance or music and for corn on the cob (his favorite food).

We have set the porch up for outside eating, grilling and relaxing and spend most evenings outside (thus Orson's love affair with corn). Orson's friends still come over regularly and we all have a blast both inside and out. The weather has cooperated and we can normally leave the AC off which makes indoor/outdoor play much easier. Matt is doing much better and we have been resuming our walks by the river and in the neighborhood much to everyone's pleasure (especially the dogs). And we have started to go on road trips and "adventures" more. Next weekend we are off to Yosemite with another couple, Matt and I are super excited. This weekend we went to a wedding in Brentwood, CA without Orson. Our good friends Jamie and Olivia (and husband Rich) were nice enough to take Orson for most of the day/evening and Matt and I had fun getting away (even if we were really nervous to be going so far away without him). We are hoping to actually leave him overnight when we are in the UK visiting Dad.

It amazes me how much Orson and his friends have changed in the last month and both Orson and I can't wait until Lucy, Gina and Chris get back from Greece to see what a month has done for little Lu :)

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