Friday, June 25, 2010

Pictures and Fun

I am very behind in posting pictures, as usual and I decided I better catch up before we take off for Yosemite this weekend! I know there will be lots to talk about on Monday:)

A few weekends ago we ventured into the city to use our Aquarium pass one last time before it expired. We stopped at Tilden Park along the way. We visited the barn, the lovely botanical gardens and finally took a ride on the train. So much fun. Then we went into town and saw the fish and butterflies. It was a lovely day all together.

Little man has turned into quite the of his favorite spots to climb onto is the piano bench. His music is very modern but has a great tempo.

We have been making it back down to the river to play with the dogs. It is beautiful this year but super cold because of all the late runoff from the mountains.

Orson is in love with shoes, his, Matt's and mine

I have been doing a little crafting with my new machine. This is the fist outfit I completed, I have a few more in the works, as long as you don't look super close, it turned out great!

Lance Armstrong passed through town, can you spot him (we didn't)? The bikes went by so fast, that you would have missed them had you blinked!

Luckily, Orson is not so fast :)

Pat and Pat have made it by a few times in the last couple of months. And Orson was super excited about getting to play in two vintage cars because of it! Now when he sees them he immediately starts signing Car....they have created a monster.

We finally got our last set of professional pictures in. The photographer even provided a birthday cake and balloon for Orson to get a few first birthday pictures done the accident won't be the only thing associated with his birthday :)

Just for reference, here is a picture of him currently, he has changed so much in just a few short months!

And I couldn't resist one flower Hydrangeas are in bloom!

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~Kelley said...

Love the pictures. I can't beleive how big the little man is getting. Remember when he was telling Brayden jokes on your bed, and we thought they were big then? Brayden loves shoes too! Your hydrangeas are gorgeous!!! Have fun camping!