Monday, May 17, 2010

In the garden

Things have been blooming and life has been fun in my garden lately...everyday I have new things blooming. I can't wait to see it grow as the summer progresses.
Here is a picture of the yard when we first moved in...I just could not believe that they had left it so empty:

Last summer/fall Matt and I did a little work and started putting in a few plants:

Now it is overflowing with flowers (I am kind of a random planter and just put in anything that I think looks pretty)

The side of the house is a really wasted space, that gets full sun. So I decided it would be the perfect place to start a container vegetable garden. So far things are coming along nicely and I am enjoying not thinking of that area as wasted anymore.


The side of the backyard closest to my windows has always been difficult. When we fist move in it was covered in vines. It is almost 100% shade, it floods in the winter and dries out completely in the summer. While Lynda was here this Janurary and February, we cleaned it up, made some beds and planted some shade bulbs. I also, invited my moms group over and we made some stepping stones for a path through it. I have slowly been adding to it and with the warmer weather, things have even started blooming.
when we first moved in and until just recently this is what it looked like:

Some pictures of us making the stepping stones:

The finished products:

As it grows in:

And some pretty blooms that are now in that area of the yard:

The front yard has been coming into its own as well.

This is the front circle:

And this is the side yard that I covered in wildflower seeds...


its so neat to see new things appear!
And this is the view from my front door:
Lastly, I finally had enough flowers in my yard to make my own indoor bouquet! It smelled simply divine and looked great too :)


~Kelley said...

HOLY CRAP! When did you have time to DO ALL OF THAT?/

Anne Jones said...

Gorgeous Kim. What are the pretty blue flowers on the vine?

kmewalt said...

They are morning glories Anne...Kelley, its amazing what a lot of time spent with worry can accomplish! No sleep = time in the garden :)