Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Bath Time

Orson took his first bath in the big tub yesterday with me....we had a blast and he seems to be a natural swimmer. He even did the frog kick on his back! He floated along and was only upset when it was time to get out. The pictures turned out great, so I thought I would post one.

By the way, Matt dressed Orson over the weekend (he thinks I am trying to force Orson to stay in the size 3-6 month clothes so he wanted to prove his point) and put him in some of the 6 month outfits that people have been sending (thank you very very much). Unfortunately, I have to admit that the 6 month onesies and jumpers do fit better then the 3 month ones (the bottoms are coming unsnapped again)...I guess its time to pack up the 3 months and start in on the 6 before he out grows those too. The good news is that he still fits in the 3-6 month separates, so all is not lost :)

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Anne Jones said...

I Love these 2 pictures.