Sunday, April 12, 2009

11 weeks and a Happy Easter!

Wow its been a big week in Orson's life...this Friday he suddenly and truly discovered his vocal cords, started rolling from his back onto his side and belly in pursuit of toys, really laughed out-loud for the first time and celebrated Easter! We on the other hand had a somewhat dificult week in general, Snuggles got into something in the yard and had a major allergic reaction (we had to rush her to the doggie ER), Matt's back gave out for a few days and I had an inflamation in my left breast that hurt like the dickens as well as a sore throat....the good news is that we have all recovered in time to leave for TEXAS next Thursday! Below are the pictures and movies to prove it all.

Normal Snuggles:

Swollen (this is post shot once the swelling had gone down!) Snuggles:

Orson reaching for his toys:

He looks more and more like Smetek on some days (he was watching the races with his Dad and I couldn't resist taking this pictures):

He is loving belly time now that I prop him up on the boppy pillow sometimes:

For Easter we went to the early mass and then "participated" in the Easter egg hunt afterwards. Actually Orson feel asleep at communion but we still wanted him to get his first Easter egg:

After mass we came home, took a family picture and then opened the Easter basket:

Later that day Dan and Theresa came over and we made a deliciouse cake to share:

And last but best...Orson laughing out loud!

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