Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Ultrasound Visit

Well its officially a baby in my stomach...just in case you thought it was just a bunch of fudge cycles :)

We went to the doctor this week and have the pictures to prove it, although it looks more like skeletor then a baby to me. Matt and I had lots of fun watching it swim around and pose for the camera but I must admit I sure had a hard time seeing anything specific. No we are not going to find out the sex before it pops out but Matt did think for a split second it was a boy...then the doc told him that he was looking at the umbilical cord (would have been quite a boy)! Well here are a few of the print outs we got (no Anne I don't expect you to think they are anything but blobs, I've seen you try to decifer them before).

This is a picture of the baby looking straight at the camera you can see its head (face looking straight at you on the left side of the picture) and its belly and even some hands and feet if you look close.

This is a close up of the face it looks like a skeleton head with its forehead on the right and the nose in the middle and the chin on the left. Its little hand is also touching the screen (farthest on the left)

Last this is the baby's legs with its little feet to the far right of the image.

Don't worry if you can't see any of the won't offend me :) I can only see it all after staring at the images for a almost a day. Oh and the offical date is Janurary 7th 2009 but I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you. Late runs in the family.

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Rebecca & Vic said...

Looks like a beautiful baby to me!! (and mommy as well) :-)