Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Matt's Birthday

Well I have been waiting for many months to publish this post. Matt's birthday is on the 25th of August but he received his gift many months ago in April before we moved to Sacramento. Matt is the kind of guy that dreams out loud a lot and for many months in a row all I heard about was that he wanted to get a PS3 so that he could play some racing game when it came out. The more he talked the more I teased that he could have one when he provided me with a new car (not the minivan), a new house (in a different state) and a baby. He continued to talk and talk and I began to get worried that he would just go out and buy it. I knew that I wanted to give it to him for his birthday but that was months away and Matt is anthing but patient. So in April, after we found out that we were definately moving to Sacramento and buying a house and a month after Dad left for England and left us Mom's toyota camry hybird I decided to just go ahead and buy the PS3.

So on April 28th I waited until Matt went to work and ran out to Target and bought him a PS3. I didn't want to just give it to him so I set up a scavenger hunt for him to do during lunch (I miss when Matt got to come home to eat lunch with me every day). I left clues all around the house and he slowly followed them (he didn't understand the point of a scavenger hunt until I told him.....) out to the shed. There he found the PS3.
I also bought him the game he really wanted so he followed the clues to that but I wasn't done yet! After lunch he followed the clues to the last stop the trunk of my car where he opened a card with this inside:
His face was priceless :)
Although I'm still not sure if he was more excited about the PS3 or the baby. We are due sometime in the beginning of Janurary and I am starting to get big.


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Audrey said...

Congratulations, again! So, did he just find out about the baby then? If so, you did a really great job of keeping that to yourself!