Monday, December 1, 2014

Halloween and Ferdinand's Birthday and everything else!

Some times I feel like all I ever do is play catch up! And the last few months are no exception.  We celebrated Halloween and Ferdinand, went to find fall color, visited the pumpkin patch, traveled to OR for Thanksgiving and have been doing the everyday family thing to boot.

Halloween was super fun.  Orson wanted to dress up as a knight again (yeah for recycled costumes), F wanted to be a fireman and T went as the owl.  They were all three super cute.  There was also a party at Orson's school that I helped with and we had friends over to our neighborhood (which takes Halloween very seriously).  

Keeping with the Fireman theme, Ferdinand wanted a fire truck birthday.  So Sunday, we decorated the house, made some firetrucks, printed out some coloring pages and enjoyed a firetruck cake.  He had a ton of fun and it went very well.

 An Orange Fire Truck!!!

 As you can see, we apparently need to get T some boots too

We have also spent the last few months fending off colds and coughs.  I started using doTerra oils with the boys and they have made each infection last a shorter time but it has still been a slow process or recovering. We've been exploring, hiking, making new friends and just having fun.

Matt and I even got to go on a date!

We made a short trip to Texas in September, it didn't go all that well but we still had fun getting out and seeing new things and seeing family.

Osron's class made a field trip to the Fire Station around  the corner from his school.  The boys and I helped out :)  He has also started "reading" to the boys which has led to some pretty cute cuddle times.

Ferdinand and Theodore went to Urgent Care for head injuries in ones week...F's were definitely much worse and I think Matt and I suffered the most :)

For Thanksgiving we decided to drive to Oregon at the last minute.  We had a nice time, not too bad drives and even got to enjoy a day at the beach....Who could ask for anything more!

Now we just need to settle into Advent, decorate, plan gifts and catch up!  Keep us in your prayers as change is always just around the corner it seems.  
Baby Bump is growing!
 And let me know if you want some festive nails for the Holiday Season :)

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