Monday, January 13, 2014

Theodore's 6-7 month photos

Theodore is 7 months old and is just getting bigger and sillier everyday.  He has super chunky thighs that I love, so many crazy expressions, is hair is super blond but getting long, he has 4 teeth and three more breaking through as we speak.  He gets into everything, moves super fast and is almost crawling on hands and knees (not just head and arms anymore), he talks up a storm and is starting to yell DaDa when he wants someone to play with him.  He is eating everything both in baby food form and big people bites, we haven't found something he doesn't like yet, although he prefers lots of seasoning.  He still isn't  sleeping through the night or even for 4 hours straight most of the time, he loves to play with a light up ball, sophie the giraffe and Ferdinand's pacifiers (he doesn't use them, just likes to tease F with them).  He nurses constantly still but gets distracted very easily. He is in a blend of 9 and 12 month clothes, size 4 diapers (because his thighs are so big), weighs in at over 20 lbs and at last measurement (over a month ago) was over 27 inches.   

First Christmas, he loved the tree!

and the lights

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