Sunday, November 4, 2012

Ferdinand Turns 1

I can hardly believe it but Ferdinand turned one a few days ago.  It is true that the days are long but the years short, especially with two little boys in the house.  Ferdinand has brought a new joy to our house and family.  Watching him and his brother play, fight and love each other is amazing.  Ferdinand is a little bundle of opinions, he is a cuddle bunny, a story teller, an eater! and tons of fun.  He has decided to wait to walk (which is just fine with me) but now thinks he can talk up a storm (he says, wow! and ooh! and calls Orson's name at night to get a goodnight kiss, mama and dada and has just started signing more).  He eats everything in sight (especially meat and bread), wants to play with his brother all the time, likes to skype with anyone willing to answer the phone, and has a laugh that makes everyone around him smile.  He is giving up nursing in favor of vanilla soy milk (he wont touch cow milk and it was purely an accident that we discovered he liked soy), can climb the stairs on his own and is constantly into things he is not suppose to be into.

A few pictures from the past year:

 Brand new to the world

 First smiles

His baptism

Super silly

Little sleeper

Cuddle Bunny

World Traveler

 Lover of the beach and anything water

And the most adorable hoarder

For his birthday we had a small celebration at home with lots of balloons and a few good friends.  He really enjoyed the carrot cake cupcakes and especially liked the cream cheese frosting, but also enjoyed playing with all the kids and opening a few presents.  He was so tired by the end of the day that he went up the stairs to bed on his own (can we say Uncle Nate anyone?).  

 I'm one!
 and I really like balloons
 Coloring with friends
Big brother being cute

He grabbed his own cupcake when the singing took a little too long.

 He really liked the icing especially combined with
more balloons.
 playing with Linden
 Opening presents

 Hanging with Dad

We sure are glad you joined us Ferdinand!

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