Monday, October 15, 2012

Camping (or an escape from the house of sick!)

The last few weeks have just not gone as planned.  My brother Matt had a sudden brain surgery scheduled to remove a malformation next to his motor functions.  We found out about it and started making plans to go down and help him out.  At first we planned to go the week of the surgery but he had lots of help for that week so we decided to drive down the following week and help him through his first week of recovery.  Well things didn't quite go as planned, Orson woke up, the Thursday before we were scheduled to leave, in the middle of the night throwing up (our first ever stomach bug had attacked).  The poor dude has never thrown up before and was very confused.  We made it through the night, waking up every 30 minutes to throw up, and thought maybe it was just a little 12 hour bug.  Therefore we continued to pack up to leave on Saturday. Well half way through the day Friday, O started throwing up more, so we called everyone and postponed our arrival by a day.  Well Saturday night Matt started throwing up and that is when we threw in the towel and called off the trip.  All said and done, I was the last to get the bug and I threw up for the last time the following Wednesday evening....What a battle.  The biggest loser was our washer machine that went caput last night.  SO MUCH LAUNDRY!!!!  

The only good part of all this is that we hadn't remembered to cancel our planned camping trip to Assateague Island state and national park, which meant that on Friday we were able to escape the house of sick and get lots of fresh air.  The island was a lot of fun, beach, dolphins, horses, off road adventures and the Ocean City boardwalk (not really all that amazing but still a site to see) were all part of the adventure.  Of course so was some diner breakfast food on Sunday morning followed by food poisoning for Matt Sunday night....just can't catch a break! :)  

 The camp site, complete with a collection of shells to play with 

 The beach!

Finding our own corner to play in thanks to the Land Cruiser

We found a horse shoe crab shell to show Orson and a dead shark!

 Playing with the kite and Ferdinand taking off in the sand (he loved to crawl on the beach...I think its the softest place he has ever had to crawl!)

We had an amazing time and Orson is already asking to go back.

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