Friday, February 24, 2012

Baby updates and Lent

First some updates and memories of the boys.

Is getting so big!  We went to the park yesterday and I realized his size 3T overalls are now ankle skimmers...time to move up to the next size.  He is using so many new words everyday and getting more and more handsome too.  He is learning so much at school and has been known to correct us already.  He loves playing in his new sandbox (we made it out of a watering trough from the tackle store and some metal paint from the hardware store), playing with his brother (he can almost always make Ferdinand laugh and can always make him smile), bath time, match box cars and playing the game memory.  He also likes helping me in the kitchen (he tastes/smells all the ingredients before I put them in), helping Matt do anything Matt will let him help do, and repeating back all of the phrases that Matt and I over use (mom, you are killing me; are you coming or not dude?...)  He is also a firm believer that all things good happen on Saturday and is constantly telling us that Grandpa Jones/Aunt Annie is coming to visit on Saturday, we are going to the beach on Saturday, he will get raisins on name it Saturday is the day for it.

Is also growing.  He is mostly in 6 month size clothes (especially onsies and full body length clothing), he holds his head up like a champ, sometimes balances on his own in the sitting position, things he can talk, is trying to blow raspberries and roll over and smiles all the time!  This week he has given up sleep in favor of eating, so I think he is about to get even bigger.  He is also already working on teeth!  

 Oh yeah, we had a little fever scare with Ferdinand and had to take him to the emergency room...he was so cute but it was so hard to sit through all the needles and crying!
 Ferdinand's first laugh (excuse the silly mom antics), he loves dancing with his brother

Both boys feel me up with love all the time.  Orson gives me hugs and tells me he likes me all the time, every once in a while he also tells me I am his best friend.  Ferdinand is such a cuddler, I love to just hold and look at him. 

In other news, Lent started this last Wednesday and the bible study I have been going to at church has inspired me to share my lenten resolves so that I can hold myself more accountable for them and hopefully my friends and family will keep me in their prayers to help me with them as well.  In keeping with the Fasting, Alms and Charity ideal of lent as well as the rebirth of Easter, here is what I am working on.

1. I am giving up yelling.  Instead of yelling I want to stop and say a Hail Mary and think while praying about what it is I am upset about.  Pray hard for me on this one!
2. Spend more quality time with Matt, a weekly date, a glass of wine and a chat before we turn on a show and call at least one friend/family member every week.  I really want to reconnect and spend time listening this lent
3. Cook dinner at least 5 times a week.  The plan is 2 budget meals a week; a crockpot meal; a fish meal, a vegetarian meal, a meat meal and a splurge meal.
4. Give money at mass every week
5. Add 15 minutes of prayer/silent time to listen to God everyday.

They seem small compared to giving up sweets/facebook/electronics, or spending time volunteering  but I think they will help both me and my family be ready for Jesus this Easter.

By the way, when did my sweet boy go from this:
 to this:

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