Tuesday, January 3, 2012


So the combo of no nap Orson and new baby Ferdinand has led to Orson having way to much Mickey Mouse Club House time. How do I know this? Mickey Mouse always has four tools to use on his quest that are carried around by Toodles, a giant flying Mickey Mouse face. The tools range in randomness from a rope to a baby elephant and the characters have to decide which tool will work to solve the problem at hand.

Orson has started calling for Toodles during his imaginary play and whenever we are on an adventure in the car. A couple of days ago he was in his car seat and wanted an apple, which I did not have, so he decided we should call for Toodles to get us one. When Toodles arrived he apparently had two choices. The first was a hammer, Orson said "what should we use, hmm a hammer, no that's not right." "oh I know, the monkey!" "hey Monkey will you get me the apple" "no monkey don't be silly, I want an apple, you can't get it, then go away" "oh come back monkey and get me that apple" "oh thanks" crunching noises ensued....I love his imagination and I love listening to his stories.
Other pretend play lately has either been phone calls, get smart style through his shoe, to Grandpa Jones, Aunt Annie, Maddox or any of his other friends in CA or with his two imaginary dogs one of whom is Chiquita.

He starts school tomorrow, I am so excited for him and a little bit sad that he is big enough to go. I am looking forward to one on one time with Ferdinand though.

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