Thursday, February 3, 2011

Things I believe

This post has been stewing around in my grey cells for a while now.  The little bits of news I catch and the things I see online have led me into thinking about my faith, my country and life in general.  Everyone seems to have jumped on the negative, blow them up, I hate them band wagon and it also seems that we have lost our ability to state (as our forefathers did and as the Creed does) what we as a people and as individuals belief.  So here are some (I will add more when I think of them) of the things I believe, please leave links to your blog about what you believe, post on Face Book or leave comments here.  The only rule is you have to positively state what you believe (no negatives aloud) and you may not leave negative comments or attacks on what others believe.  Maybe if we do this right the big wigs up on the hill will take a listen.

This I believe:
I believe in God the Father Almighty and in Jesus Christ his only son.  I believe in the communion of saints and in the Holy catholic Church.  I am Pro-life, from the moment a person is conceived until God takes them away and I believe all people have the right to live their life fully, the unborn, babies, the elderly, prisoners, immigrants, everyone.  I believe in second chances and forgiveness.  In mercy and social justice.  I believe in the beauty of nature, the joy and hope of love, family and friends.  I believe in the right of everyone to travel, eat healthy, natural food, to move to new places in order to provide a better life for themselves and their family and the right for everyone to believe in God in their own way.  These are the things I believe in.  These are the beliefs that I return to when I close my eyes and the hopes I awake to when I am blessed with another day.

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