Thursday, August 26, 2010

Things to remember

Orson is 19 months and everything has changed in that amount of time, him, us, here are some things to remember for when he is very old and I am even older.

The way he smiles when he sees me and runs across the room to give me a hug

His silly kisses that I am mildly afraid of because I never know if they will end in a kiss or a nip but almost always end in a kiss

The fact that he says Bless when we sneeze and when we tell him to say Amen after we say grace he makes the Thank you sign.

The way he and Lucy giggle and get so excited to see each other, such good happy friends

How excited he is to Skype with Grandpa Jones, they can play for hours together and giggle away
across thousands of miles

The way he says Daddy and Mommy, its so darn cute

The way he says bicycle sounds like Good to Go! and how he has learned to say so many motorized things before learning the "important" words (he knows crane, plane, bike, motorcycle, car, train, boat, lawn mower, bus....but not Hi)

How happy and perfect it feels when the three of us are sitting somewhere together

The long wavy locks of hair on the side and top of his head but not the back that billow like a sail when he is running

The fact that he runs like he is always on a trampoline because that is where he first figured out how

The fact that he loves fruit of all kinds and asks to eat it and cheese constantly

When we take a nap together he always has to be touching me if only with his finger.

How he giggles and laughs as soon as he hears/sees his dad

The fact that Matt and I can be upset at each other and still find away to love and care for each other and Orson, no matter what.

So much in such a little bit of time.