Monday, April 26, 2010

Last few weeks

Orson and I went to Texas last week to watch Dad ride in the MS 150, to see friends and to give Matt a chance to hang out with his Dad and relax without the craziness of us for a while :) It was a great trip, with its ups and downs (I turned 30 on Sat and it was hard to not be with Matt and to give up an opportunity to eat a lot of crawfish and hang out with Nate and Allison because Orson was so overtired), road trip adventures and time to relax with loved ones.
I think Orson's favorite adventure was going for a swim in the Berson's hot tub...he is now super excited for swim time!

Of course the discovery of corn on the cob comes in a close second

As does relaxing on the Berson's couches and playing with their grandson Kaleb.

We had a super time visiting with family and friends. Orson got to meet Seema (my oldest friend) for the first time...they hit is off :)

Parks, Kylie's son (just a few months younger the O)

Hang out with the Pools

My godchild and his many second? cousins (it was interesting to watch him interact with multiple older girls...he never had before)

And my friend and her two children (I had never met Abby before...she was soo cute!)

Then on Saturday, with a few bumps involving lost trucks, Orson and I sat out on our Texas Wildflower road trip. We stopped in a few little towns on the way up to Brenham...found an amazing field of flowers and visited the the Blue Bell ice cream factory. Then we headed onto La Grange to meet the cyclist.

Wow the flowers were great!

The factory wasn't open for tours but we enjoyed the outside area and the gift shop :)

The flowers switched from bluebonnets to Indian Paint Brush and Indian Blankets around La Grange....also amazing!

The guys road a great ride Saturday and Sunday and raised a lot of money for MS...I am always so proud of the riders at the end...and they, I hope, are proud of themselves as well :)

Sunday, after the ride was over, we met up with Nathan and Allison and enjoyed some crawfish and ice cream for my birthday. It was great hanging out with them both.

When we got back, Orson was super excited to get together with his friends and since the weather has been so nice, get togethers have mostly been outside, YEAH!

This weekend we went up to tabletop to see some of California's wildflowers, they were really different then the Texas hill country's but wonderful to see as well.

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