Saturday, March 6, 2010

Orson Updates!

Wow, I am so behind in posting about Orson, I think I even have some 11 month pictures to put up! Orson has been up to a lot lately, the big one is that he started walking two Wednesdays ago for real. He was so steady and good at it that I really think he was waiting until he could do it perfectly. It has been fun seeing him toddle around, chase the dogs, get chased by the dogs and explore the world from new heights. He has also started really climbing, he climbs in the red chair, he climbs on the couch, he even climbs onto the kitchen chairs...luckily he has not quite figured out how to climb the gates (although he has tried). For a while it seemed like he had slide backwards in figuring out his fine motor and verbal skills but in the last week he has started signing, more and please (he even says Peas sometimes!), calling Chaquita (Ekita) and Snuggles (Uggle) by name, pretending to blow his nose, instead of throwing a fit when you try to wipe it (thank you Lynda for teaching him that), giving me real hugs and kisses (closed mouth and all), stopped nursing (I miss this one a little) and the big yuck....throwing full on drama queen tantrums. It has been so wonderful watching him interact with both Lynda and Uncle Nathan and to see how he has modified his behavior so that he can interact with Matt (he is now perfectly happy to sit and snuggle for over an hour in his dad's arms, playing with the remote and sneaking forbidden snacks :)

Here are some of my favorite pictures from the past few months:

Orson being cute by the window with Paddington

Orson enjoying his Daddy time...he knew exactly what to do with that controller without any teaching time!

Orson can now use a spoon...his fingers work better still but it's a start

Orson also thinks that his feet are a feeding utensil, this has lead to some pretty funny dinner times

All of the spoon/foot feeding has resulted in many more baths, he loves his new toys from Aunt Lynda and she also taught him to blow bubbles in the water, I can't wait until its pool weather again!

After watching the Olympics every once in a while, both Lucy and Orson are trying out new tricks:
Here we are watching Ice Skating...below is Lucy trying to do flips:

And here is Orson starting in on the summer Olympics learning about soccer:

Of course, if they had a medal in timed swinging Orson would win for sure!

We have been blessed with many visitors coming to stay and help, Aunt Lynda came for three weeks....we broke out the stroller and enjoyed the sun shine before she had to go back to rainy old England

Orson and Lucy have been such hams with each they are telling secrets.

We have even managed to have the moms group over a few times. Once just for play and another to help me make stepping stones for the garden...that will have to be a whole other post.

And then Nathan came out and is still here. His girlfriend Allison helped him drive out, we wished she could have stayed longer!

And here is Orson cuddling with Mommy :)

And finally our family, all up, all together, all enjoying sunny California.

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