Monday, January 11, 2010

Part 2

With Christmas over, we went on quite a few day trips with Grandpa, Uncle Nate and Aunt Anne (and Daddy when he didn't have to work).

On Saturday, we went to Big Trees State Park. Matt checked the weather and it was suppose to be warm with a little rain, imagine our surprise when we got there and there was snow on the ground and a very cold breeze! We swapped up clothes to make sure Orson was warm enough and then set off on a hike. The trees here are BIG :) and very pretty. Matt and I have been to the park before and enjoyed showing it to my family. Nathan and Dad got in a snow fight, we saw a few people in snowshoes (although we were in tennis shoes and did fine, so I think it was a little over the top) and ended up with some great pictures from the day.

That Monday Matt had to work and I had Lucy to watch as well as Orson (this is so much easier with a house full of helping hands!). So after morning naps, we headed into Old Town Sacramento to see the train museum. I'm not sure I have mentioned it here yet but Orson is in love with trains! He will spend all day with an engine in each hand going from person to person asking them to go ChagaChaga Choo....We went to MSN one day a few weeks ago and there was a train table set up that Orson spent over an hour at, then to Barnes and Noble...same things, well the train museum was just amazing to him. He loved the noises, he and Lucy loved the trains that went around on their own and he loved, loved, loved the train tables they had out to play with. (In fact, he threw fits every time we had to leave it). Unfortunately the museum is really dark and we didn't end up with great pictures but I will always remember how happy both he and Lucy were the entire time we were there.

At the train tables (it almost sounds like a gambling problem :)

On Tuesday, thanks to some great recommendations from Matt's Aunt and Uncle, Nate, Anne, Dad and I headed out to Sonoma Valley to taste wine and cheese. The first winery we stopped at, Homewood, was wonderful and had a great promotion going on (we ended up drinking their wine at dinner for the rest of the week). We then headed into Sonoma's square to taste cheese! We went to both the Sonoma cheese factory and another one off the beaten path, Orson loved tasting all the cheeses and we did too. We also played at the playground and then headed out to a few more wineries. It was a wonderful day.

Auntie Anne tried to feed Orson his lunch in the car.....Orson thought it would be more fun to see how much juice is in one blackberry.

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