Thursday, December 17, 2009

Christmas and stuff

Orson hosted his first Christmas party at our house yesterday for his friends. It went very well and he had lots of fun, even though he refused to take his nap. For part of the party we had a gift exchange for the babies....basically we put the gifts in the middle of the floor and let them go at it. I wasn't sure if Orson would know what to do but he went straight for the presents in bags, ripped out the tissue paper and took out the present. And for once, the present was cooler in his eyes then the bag and paper! (Good pick Jessica).

Can you tell that Lucy also turned down her morning nap :)

Also, St Nick showed up at the party and Orson took his first pictures with Santa :)

He was very silly by the end of the day...

We have been pretty busy around here, I ran my last arts and crafts class at MSN. Everyone seemed to have fun and Lucy, Orson and Penny had a blast finger painting (well Orson thought it was finger eating).

We have been to a few Christmas parties both with Matt's work and with friends (it was so much fun to get together with adults and babies and just hang out and also lots of fun to go out on our own.) And some more 1st birthdays.

Matt and I also celebrated our 3rd hard to believe that it has only been 3 years! And of course, we put up the tree, cleaned the house and, well once I get them made, will hang the stockings with care :)

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