Friday, August 21, 2009

The last month!!! Part 3

On Sunday we headed out to the Eden Project and then to the southern most point in England, the Lizard (the art Dad bought for us in St. Ives was of Lizard Point) and then on the way home Monday we drove through Exmoor (a national park area) and by Carnewas.

The Eden Project is an old mine turned into a garden theme park (no rides just beautiful gardens and some crazy biomes). I enjoyed the outside gardens more then the ones in the biomes but the architecture of the biomes made for some great pictures.

The monster in the picture below was made completely from electronic trash

At one point Orson (and his Grandpa) found it highly amusing to peak over a fence in the gardens

Apparently the English are Georgia Tech fans

I wish that I could grow a vegetable garden as pleasing to the eyes as this one is....terracing it made it look even more special I think. I was disappointed that they did not serve the fruits of the garden in their cafeteria though.

Orson wrapped up the day by falling asleep amongst the daisies

After Eden we drove down to the Lizard and then walked out to the point. The colors and sea were beautiful and it made me a little sad to realize we were leaving it on the next day.

Just breathtaking

As you can tell, Orson loved that we carried him there and back...he thought flying around the sea was more fun then anything else we had done on the trip

On Monday we decided to take the long way back via Carnewas and then Exmoor. The sea was how I always pictured the English seaside to be that day (gloomy, moody and harsh, yet beautiful) and the moors were just lovely to drive through. Although the decision made the last few hours home difficult (Orson was very tired of being in the car) it was completely worth it.

Carnewas and the steps were very very pretty but also rather cold and wet.

I wanted to climb down the steps but after going down a few (with Orson in tow) I decided to let Dad have his fun alone....after looking at this picture, I'm glad I did.

The forest of Exmoor

Views of the sea

Orson decided it was time to get home and that he better take the wheel :)

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Christy said...

That Eden project looks like where the teletubbies live. Sounds like you're having a great trip!