Sunday, January 11, 2009


Its getting to be that time of the year in a Southern gardener's mind (which I know I'm not one any more but its hard to control), I am yearning to make a garden and surround myself with flowers. I'm sure part of it is waiting for the baby to come but I do hope that Matt and I can make our yard our own this year. With the house mostly done it will be nice to move outside where my heart really is. I bought a bunch of bulbs at the correct time this fall but never got them in the ground, I have a feeling I will be gardening in pots this spring almost as much as I did at our rental in Baton Rouge. I'm sure the new baby will keep us poor enough that major yard renovations will have to wait but still....the yearning is there and I can't wait for spring.

Happy gardening to my southern friends.

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