Thursday, June 5, 2008

Life is moving!

So I know I have been out of touch for just a little while....not much was happening. Matt and I were in a holding pattern waiting to get permission to begin planning our move to Sacramento. Well we finally have the green light and boy are things moving FAST now. We flew out to Sacramento last week and found a home!!!!! Here are a few pictures.

The inside is move in ready but the back yard is pretty much a blank slate (as you can see) and I can't wait to plan my own garden out there.

Now we are back in Baton Rouge and we only have three weekends to pack all of our stuff and figure out how to get it across the country. We were looking into a moving company but holy cow they want way too much money. Now Matt and I are debating using PODs or just driving across the country in a moving truck. I am kinda hoping to go with the PODs. It would be nice not to have to worry about parking a truck the entire time we are driving, although that would leave us in a conundrum about my plants. I guess we will have to wait and see.

While we were in California we did get to look around a little. We drove out to Tahoe and into Nappa valley. In both places we went for little hikes and decided that most of our time in California will be spent outside camping :) I can't wait, the dogs are going to love it.


Rebecca & Vic said...

I love the house, it is so pretty!! I am really excited for you guys, although sad that you will be so far away. Thanks for updating your blog, I was really beginning to wonder about you!

Zachawii said...

Its about time you update...gosh :-) I'm excited and happy for you two...but sad I won't get to be a dog sitter